About Us


With the growing competition of food & beverage market in the UAE and considering the diverse cultures residing in the country (UAE), we see an emerging shift in consumers putting pressure on the local market for much more than just food. Consumers are now looking for food that not only tastes good, but is also fresh and served in a unique way. 

With the launch of Shish Shawerma in August 2011, we have addressed various elements of this shift, bridging the gap which existed at the time. 

The idea of Shish Shawerma came from our understanding of consumer’s increasing desire for the delicious taste and experience of simple food made out of fresh quality ingredients. This coupled with a modern and friendly environment is what Shish Shawerma offers as a welcoming spot for all customers.

Shish Shawerma offers high-end quality Shawerma in a freshly baked bread , giving the customers the opportunity to select their own choice of fillings and see it made in front of them. The Shawerma is re-baked in the oven to ensure a supreme flavor protected in a unique wrap and package.

Shish Shawerma offers  extends beyond the Shawerma to include a list of hot and cold appetizers, salads, crepe (sweet & savory), together with juices, coffees and soft drinks. The menu includes kids’ special section. (see Menu Section)


Our Strategy

Our goal is to become a leader of a new style of Shawerma, targeting food conscious customers who are looking for the taste, healthiness, quality and value of their meal. 
Post achieving the above, we are looking for franchising opportunities and expanding for new branches inside and outside UAE market. 


What makes us different?

Freshly Baked Bread (Kaakeh)

At Shish Shawerma we use our in-house freshly baked bread to give the shawerma a warm and delicious taste. For a rich and exotic flavor, we also offer our (Kaakeh) which is a special kind of bread, topped with Sesame, which we also bake in house. All our baking takes place in front of the customer. 

To ensure a warm and fresh flavor, post choosing the fillings, the bread/Kaakeh will go again in the oven before serving it to you fresh on the spot.

Supreme Shawerma Flavors

Shish Shawerma is providing a unique kind of shawerma, that is made from fresh meat/chicken and marinated with special spices by our well experienced staff . We all strive to offer and ensure the original and traditional flavor for Shawerma lovers. 


To ensure our warm delicious shawerma stays that way, and to protect it from any environmental factors, we wrap our fresh warm Kaakeh/Sandwich in a unique warp and place it in a carton package both carrying the logo of Shish Shawerma. 

Modern Theme

We have an open kitchen where people can see baking the bread/Kaakeh and preparing  the shawerma sandwiches in addition to the crepe. Another closed kitchen is available and it’s were salads, appetizers and cooking ingredients are prepared.

We have normal and high tables, chairs and stools for dine in. Special posters are spread on the walls which in all over gives the restaurant a modern look .Our staff are wearing a special uniform that reflects the restaurant’s theme

Live Cooking station (Open Kitchen)

To engage and amuse the customers, Shish Shawerma offers the live cooking experience where the customers witness the baking of the bread/Kaakeh, and the preparation process of their Shawerma in front of them.  


To accommodate the different schedules and needs of our customers, we provide a friendly  modern environment for dine in. The customer also has the choice of enjoying our warm delicious meals at their homes or work places by conveniently choosing out pick up or delivery services .

Health & Safety

Quality is our goal; we ensure fresh ingredients that we select thoroughly from reputable suppliers.

Our experienced staff are all following the best practice in food industry and following health and safety procedures to ensure a healthy Shawerma of a great quality.

Competitive Prices

Value for money is what the customers are looking for nowadays. For only AED 10 we offer our filling, delicious, and healthy Shawerma that is full of fresh ingredients in a freshly baked bread/kaakeh.